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Tea Professional

Need to Enhance Your Tea Skills?

Customers seek authenticity, adventure, quality

Have you ever asked a question of a sommelier, barista, or chef regarding flavor profile or taste and were given a pat/flat/canned answer? It's disappointing, isn't it? And then you either toss a mental coin or vow to go to another place, any place, that knows what they're talking about?  It's the same with tea! Tea drinkers expect you to know your tea's and q's.

Have you ever wanted more from your knowledge of tea? Wanted to delve deeper, become more knowledgeable and possibly a tea expert?

Growing into a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about tea requires a love of tea and its history, its terroir, its health benefits -  a desire to know more and a true acquired sense of the subtleties of tea tasting through sensory evaluations. Yes, you'll use all five senses to taste, evaluate and compare various specialty teas.

Whether you are a gourmet or a novice, a barista or a beginner, Cordon Bleu chef or culinary student, health practitioner or lead a healthy lifestyle, our tea classes can elevate you to the professional status. Get on the fast track! Tea courses are just the beginning of a lifetime of appreciation and professional tea academics.

You deserve the best tea education available! Your customers are looking for a grand experience. Don't put it off! Select your training dates now!

Is this tea education program right for you?
The classes are a valuable resource for

  • in-house tea training by certified professionals and for one-on-one tea training

  • coffee experts who know their beans but not their leaves

  • culinary university directors

  • lodging and hospitality professionals

  • wine sommeliers

  • health and wellness professionals, spa owners, educators

  • tea, coffee, wine, chocolate, dessert and food expo organizers

  • restaurant and fine dining chains

  • other tea educators

Working with Jennifer means that you can form a personal working relationship - akin to a tea personal trainer!

The varied exposure, networking benefits and education programs provided are remarkably outstanding. After receiving your certificates, you may actively promote your enhanced status via social media, your menus, direct mail and other venues.

Ready to commit to your tea education? To your customers, employees or students? Don't delay. Get started before the bells start jingling.

Register now for upcoming classes!

Premier tea education with Jennifer Petersen, Business Professional, Certified Tea Specialist, Certified Barista.

Classes are structured for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Professional tea education assures your clientele that you walk your talk. The classes are perfect for individuals and corporations in tea, coffee, wine, culinary, hospitality, and health and wellness.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. Shouldn't you be on a fast track for being part of tea's exponential growth?

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Tea Trade Mart provides professional tea education, online tea classes, and seminars for tea, coffee, wine, hospitality and health professionals. Certified Tea Specialist courses and specialty workshops at tea trade shows such as tea and food pairing.

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