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Tea Mastermind presentation by Feng Han Hirt, Sprouting Tea & Leaf

Curious about Chinese GongFu Tea ceremony? Want to learn about it from the comfort of your armchair while enjoying a cup of your favorite tea?

Feng (Fay) Han-Hirt, Sprouting Tea and Leaf, specializes in traditional Chinese GongFu Tea, which is a way of brewing tea in China.  

GongFu Tea means you take time and effort to brew a perfect cup of tea. It allows you to fully control the "life" of a tea, to adjust the taste according to your preferences, and most importantly - to reveal the full potential of the plant and characteristics of the terroir.

Owner of the Sprouting Tea and Leaf, she shares with us a way to practice a tea ceremony, GongFu of KungFu, that helps you be calm, relax, gain wisdom and improve life in general.

Podcast recording our YouTube channel. No class fee - just make your favorite cup of tea, relax, enjoy, and join us as we learn more about GongFu Tea. You are welcome to tell your friends.

Download the class notes here.

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